The touching image (ination) …

doesn’t move.

What is the moving image that stands still?

Photography is a still!

Unlike film, a still stays, doesn’t run away.

Even though a still can move and develops out of your own inherent ability to observe.

The single image stands, hangs or lies patiently in front of you, open to constant contemplation, so that you compose its story within yourself.

 What do I spontaneously recognise?

 The blink of eye

The recognition of an instant

is the result of collected experiences,

a way of looking at things which focuses forwards,

while so very much

– and much that seems to be locked-away –

lies already in the distant past.

(Timbuktu immediately after its liberationfrom Islamic terrorism in 2012 that had permitted neither sport nor idols.)

For decades I’ve been driven –

at times with a lightness of touch, at times with a sureness of touch –

to capture stories here and there, in an authentic way as possible.



It usually happens from different points of views,

and sometimes when I’m trying to capture a moment,

I’m the one who is captured lovely.

Alì, an eight-year old orphan from Touggourt,

told me of his dream: to travel, to explore

– anywhere but here!

The following small selection of photos shown here is a sample from my archives, both from the vast metres of folders and from the minuteness of the dauntingly immense databanks.

Collecting / Archiving:

nothing but illusory immortality!

Good fortune! 

Capturing the transience –

another factor which moves you deeply.


Bright – Dark

Light – Shade

Man – Woman

Black – White

 Contrasts only perceived, never fully seen.

What lies between the lines,

known also as mysterious, 

is not immediately revealed. 

Sébastien de Ganay

visual artist, Vienna, 2015

Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi di Lampedusa, 2015

Prince of Lampedusa and Duke of Palma di Montechiaro,

morning reading on the Gattopardo’s terrace 

Enzo Rinaldi

artist, architect, Sicily

Boualem Sansal

author, human rights moralist

Leoluca Orlando

Politician, human rights activist


Polish-American virtuoso singer

Baron Gigi (Girolamo) Planeta

Sicilian virtuoso viticulturist, Menfi


 Joyous gift, rarely close to God

But forever trying to come close to others.

Not least to REST

In this flourishing ocean of tears

and wonder – 

Often not knowing where to rest my head.

Enough! Basta! 

Bosnia’s last film projectionist has been out of work for years too.

which prompted the painter Milan Mihajlović to once say

“Sjećam se – Amarcord“ 

(I remember)

…or that is what he intimated.

Whoever was listening carefully

could also picture the film of the same name.

A.D. 2016

But essentially, were it not for the others, I would not be here.

So, who are THEY?

Click ‘Most importantly’ on the menu.

(There you will find portraits– not purely photographic ones)

This boy in Sahel, a donkey for transport, helped me fill up the truck and discovered how he can see and hear me, ‘filtered’ (photo above)

Soif !