Media & Space

Well, they report about you and

they may try to constrict you.

But if you have wings to fly, 

send those reporters ‘air-mail’ stamps

to maybe reach your thoughts.

Thanks to all those who dare fly after me and take aim!


I listen carefully and may stumble without falling or crashing down –

because I was born under a lucky star.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 05.02.2001:
“Had Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince met the director Wolf Gaudlitz, which would surely have happened, a wonderful friendship would most certainly have ensued.“

Michael AlthenSüddeutsche Zeitung, 1992:
“Wolf Gaudlitz creates European cinema others can only dream of!”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 21.02.2002:
“Few people reinvent themselves as often as Wolf Gaudlitz.”

(photo: Blue Desert, Ténéré, 1992)

Federico Fellini, Roma Cinecittà, 1981, during the filming of E la nave va (And The Ship Sails On), on Wolf Gaudlitz:

“Where is il pazzo? Get me the madman! – If the mad are not on board, the ship will sink. – Come here, pazzo!”

(Photo: Studio V, Cinecittà 1981, Wolf Gaudlitz left, next to Barbara Jefford)

“Il pazzo”!

Selecting in secret from the 7,389 articles any which do not seem fundamentally inaccurate (to me), could become a life-long task, inducing vanity.

May others please do that for me! Here – or just as likely on asteroid no. B612 (as in the photo by I.B.) – things take a different direction, so we do not turn our backs on reality.

And those who do not know how to smile

will never understand the sobriety of this world.

They would do well to reach for the stars.


That happens in a supposedly different world

where ethnic peoples under threat face reality,

and reports – such as this –

depict the world with honesty.

 Today, 2018, she would be 19,

hopefully still smiling as her heart has taught her.


photo: Tuareg girl in the south of Algeria